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Placed: June 30, 2021

Subject : Common

Here, personal classified ads are listed according to your location, making it easier to find encounters for dating and romance within your neighbourhood. We only allow ads that are related to finding dates or hookups locally and tour guides. All other kinds of ads will be rejected.

Love & Benefits operates a community-based watch for inappropriate ads and encourages users to report ads that breach our posting rules.

Love & Benefits will not accept the following ads:

  • Alcohol

  • Counterfeit, replica and trademarked items

  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia

  • Endangered or protected animals or animal parts

  • Firearms and ammunition

  • Fireworks

  • Football tickets

  • Human parts and remains

  • Lottery tickets

  • Multi-level marketing, pyramid, matrix and trading schemes

  • Pornographic or Adult only product and services

  • Personal information or mailing lists

  • Prescription drugs and materials

  • Software for unlocking phone, hacking or any other activity that encourages the breach of laws

  • Stolen items

  • Tobacco and tobacco products

  • Train tickets

  • Weapons & knives

Ads posted that breach the above posting rules or any ads that deemed unsuitable by the Little House community will be deleted. Legal action will be taken and the relevant authorities informed where we discover illegal activity. Thanks and have fun!